Gorefest return on top form

Yet another band 'back from the dead' via Nuclear Blast, Gorefest return after the prog-riddled and directionless "Chapter 13" with, interestingly, a rather high up slot at the biggest metal festival in the world, Wacken. Following this, "La Muerte" is a refreshing but predictable dive back into the Gorefest ways, rarely deviating from their successful formula of the past.

Being in a band with as brutal vocals as Gorefest takes its toll on vocalists, and understandably De Koeyer doesn't have the power that he did back in the Mindloss or False era, and his interesting attempt at clear vocals at the end of "Rogue State" is bizarre to say the least. This is a man whose creativity has taken a ferocious toll on his throat, but clearly there's still drive and passion here, overcoming what limitations he has.

Aside from that, this is pretty much a traditional Gorefest album. Indeed, the first half of this album is reminiscent of the older Gorefest days, and the final track "La Muerte" is an absoloute classic, superceding anyone's expectations of a band whose style has carried them through fourteen years of metal, yet still taking the listener by suprise. It's a shame tracks six to nine are a bit forgettable, but once you've heard "Malicious Intent" you won't care anyway. A great album and solid return.