Disappointingly Generic

So, here we are. The second double A-side single release from The Race, a band who have been gathering a following from their appearances with the likes of Supergrass and Funlovin' Criminals (in Spain, no less!) and a handful of promising murmurs from the press- N.M.E.'s 'ones' to watch!
I can see why people like them, they have the modern popular sound. There's more than a smidgen of U2 crossed with Coldplay and bits of things like the Cure chucked in for good measure.

Definitely a lot of peoples' cup of tea. Unfortunately, it isn't really mine. There are an awful lot of bands that sound alike (and a lot of awful bands....). This just fails to lift itself above the plodding basslined, indistinctive guitared norm.
Now call me an old grouch if you must, but it just failed to register itself with any part of my consciousness. I think I'd rather watch the snooker on telly.