Writing off wild ones never really goes that well

The Yo Yo's "Giving Up, Giving Up" has all the Rock elements of The Wildhearts, explainable by the presence of the ex-bassist Danny McCormack, but little of the vigour. It's punk but it's the type of punk you know by hearing it on CD; it would be a million times better live. With all the energy that makes this style of punk n roll so effervescent and addictive and fun to be a part of, this CD lacks the vivacity this band so clearly contain within their songs.

"Round The World" could to some sound like a rough Rancid track from the early years, this is what the pulsing heart of the Gilman scene was about, choruses made for shouting along, not sitting or standing still, it even has a tiny element of Rockabilly present to mix things up.

Heading back into "Sunglasses" the band plunge back into rock n roll pure and simply bass heavy, it reminds me of fictional Almost Famous band Stillwater, in a really good way. The vocal placement and tone is spot on in this song especially. "Tattoos Don't Last Forever" is an anthemic and stirring punk anthem that wouldn't be out of place amongst the Hellcat bands, remaining contemporary and classic in both instances of past and present in style and arrangement.

Final track "The Rock N Roll Commandments" is a rock n'roll roll call. No really, it lays down the law accompanied by wild name dropping and guitar and drum solos, quite stupid sounding in description actually quite fun in practice.

All in all this CD could have been better, but don't write The Yo Yo's off, I'm almost 100% sure they'd win you over live, they deserve a really chance to prove themselves.