Take a dive into a Stream Of Passion.

Stream Of Passion are the latest band to grace the Gothic metal scene with their elegant presence. This band really are something to get excited about, they carry all the usual tricks of the trade but have a lot to boast in terms of their own unique touches. For one thing, the line-up itself is intriguing and unique with the members hailing from many different countries. Comprising of Mexican singer Marcela Bovio, US lead guitarist Lori Linstruth, Mexican piano player Alejandro Millian, Arjen Lucassen (mastermind behind Aryeon) on guitar and his countrymen Johan Van Stratum on Bass and Davy Mickers on drums, the band have a great many musical influences and backgrounds to draw upon. It can often be difficult to work bands with international line-ups but this is something Stream Of Passion have nothing to worry about, for it is a task they seem to execute perfectly well. Their music is an ode to the flexibility and sheer skills their members hold and it really does have a distinctive sound, one that hints at the majesty and formality of Nightwish and at the haunting beauty of Lacuna Coil yet retaining something uniquely their own. Mixing many different techniques, blends of styles and a touch of something remotely oriental and ethic, Stream Of Passion really are refreshed in their experimentation. Chilling and nostalgic, the music of Stream Of Passion illustrates the inner turmoil of the human soul and the dangerous beauty behind the inner workings of the mind. Embrace the storm within and take a dive into the sheer beauty and elegance of Stream Of Passion.

'Spellbound' begins on an epic introduction of muted drum rolls and intricate string and piano work that flows together in a liquid fashion, merging perfectly into a weathered atmosphere shifting and changing like the wind. There is the essence of something chilling and fantastical about the music that increases with very well co-ordinated dynamic movement, creeping between almost silence to full on metallic elegance without warning. With the introduction of the simply stunning voice of Marcela, it is like the music is completed, framed and polished as it explodes into a firework display of different colours and moods. A gentle touch of the orient soars delicately above the flowing vocal work, at this point resonating a real hint of operatic charm. On the last phrase it becomes the turn of the guitar and bass to shine and they really drive with such majestic force and power, rolling underneath the elegant melodies like storm clouds, dark and slow moving but their presence always there. It is here you really notice the obvious and varied skill of bassist Johan, whose notes move together with effortless grace. Unafraid to experiment with rhythm patterns, the bass line has a real mellow and enchanting quality that works to define and finish the sheer beauty of the song itself. 'Spellbound' is certainly an appropriate name, for there is a real sense of otherworldly magic hanging about this piece, simply enchanting and moving 'Spellbound' is a world of intrigue and mystery. Finishing on the same ostinato drum pattern that brought it in, 'Spellbound' cleverly merges into the next track 'Passion' with skilful use of breaks and pauses before pushing straight into the full force of the second track.

Starting on the final drumbeat of 'Spellbound' after a clever and dramatic three second pause comes the romantic 'Passion'. Driving on a sultry and passionate collaboration of string work that attacks in sharp and precise fashion, 'Passion' holds a real sense of vampiric charm, dripping with lustuous melodic structures. In an explosive chorus, a matrimony of chilling vocals works over a tumbling guitar and piano driven heavy chorus packed with real emotion and musical perfection. The music in itself almost seems to soar, especially in the bridge and chorus sections and the instruments work harder to compliment the flowing vocals of Marcela even though they may have no worries about balance, this is something Stream Of Passion have mastered perfectly. The structure and working of the music is of a standard unlike that ever heard before, everything just sounds so finished, smooth and natural. Seductive and illustrious, 'Passion' will dig deep within the soul and cradle you within its deadly but seductive grasp.

A beautiful driving bass ostinato that purrs seductively underneath gentle piano decorations heralds the entrance of what is most certainly the most beautiful and powerful song on the album 'Deceiver'. Haunting and mystical, defiant guitars work between the questioning and sinister vocals that challenge and rise above the music like sun breaking through clouds. It is the explosion into a beautifully gothic and smoothly executed chorus that cannot fail to enchant and impress the listener with its perfect soaring harmonies and hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs adding atmospheric decoration. This is a song that perfectly demonstrates exquisite rhythm patterns, professionally polished and experienced vocals and displays the real kind of quality of music that can be obtained through skilled, careful and passionate collaboration. 'Deceiver' is bursting with life and certainly shows off the band's gothic element to the very height of their ability, it is the perfect product of musicianship at its very finest. Similarly 'Haunted' displays a real sense of mystery and chilling atmosphere so unique to this band, purposeful driven strings hover below deeply spoken Mexican vocals as a chilling piano solo flies overhead eventually exploding into a fantastically powerful chorus where guitars take on a really vicious assault that cuts across the sound and works with the haunting vocals to create a truly ghostly atmosphere indeed.

There really is no argument, Stream Of Passion really are something special. They work with one of the most beautiful genres in music but take it to a totally new and unique level all of their own. From the smooth and beautiful voice of Marcela, a voice which no words do real justice to describe, through to the intricate classical string work and the driving metallic guitars that link it all together, Stream Of Passion's music flows like a raging river of melodic bliss pouring sheer musical grace and beauty into the scene. Rolling in like an imminent storm, the music engulfs and enchants, this band are a refreshing take on an already prospering genre, Stream Of Passion can only thrive in such rich surroundings. With a taste for music as unique as their style, success will surely be theirs.