They Live? What a shame!

USA metalcore act Calico System has finally released their debut album after consistent touring of the states, they have built quite a name up for themselves over there, but with so many acts of this genre in the UK such as Bullet for My Valentine will they be able to get their break?

Opening with a powerful opener, the title track of the album 'They Live', this contains a catchy as hell chorus in a similar vein to perhaps Shadows Fall or Killswitch Engage. 'Running with Scissors' sadly sounds more like those damn Emocore kiddies from Atreyu (Not a good thing!). 'Venoumois Lipstick' is yet another track that sounds like Shadows Fall, but again, a wee bit more emo. See a pattern emerging here? It seems to go Solid metalcore/Whiney emo crap/Solid metalcore whiney emo crap. Not a successful formula in this writer's book!

There is nothing great going on here at all, one or two powerful songs, but apart from this, the album contains some very weak song writing indeed, and the fact that it is hard to throw a brick without a hitting a band that sound like this is very hard does not help the quality of what is being heard here.

The production of this album is not bad, although at times you might wish it was muffled so you can't hear this dirge-like tracks!

Calico System have not impressed this writer at all with their debut effort. Boring songs, uninspired song writing and simply milking a genre that is already overfull - give this a miss.