Bad single, bad choice, not a bad band

James Dewees is something of a legend in the emo world whether it be his work with Coalesce, The Get Up Kids or Reggie And The Full Effect (and if you're being technical Fluxuation his British 'side project'), which is why he can even attempt to pull off this electro emo pop piece. If even touched by anyone else this would be the Eurofluff or a cheesy song afloat in the wind, as a single it's taken out of the context of the brilliant Songs Not To Get Married To album, somewhat of an emo monologue of James marriage dissolution. I'd say the synths bits really take away from the song, whereas usually they do nothing but add to Reggies songs, as it is a well known fact that James Dewees is an expert Moog operator.

This certainly isn't Reggie's best, and fair enough they've never been the most serious band but there are better songs than this on the record and this feels like a bit of a cop out when there is clearly so much more there. I shun this as a follow up to "Get Well Soon", "Take Me Home Soon" is not how Reggie need to present themselves, only making it feel like they're letting themselves go when they could very easily be building themselves up.