Zocalo - Gifted

It's always a shame when talented bands have poor quality recordings, it takes away from what could be a really amazing song. Zocalo sound like they have great potential and could make it big in the underground metal scene and maybe even further.

The track opens with a picked chorused guitar and some epic distortion to crash into the verse with some great meaty riffs, the atmosphere is suitably gothic to support Sarah Humphries' powerful vocals. At first I actually thought the singer was a man, Sarah's voice is gutsy and powerful but you get the feeling she's holding back a little on this track. Some operatic vocal harmonies could really help to lift the breakdown section of the track which currently seems a little dull and has the odd drumbeat out of time. The ending is also a little abrupt which is a shame.

My overall feeling is of frustration with this single, it could be so so much more. The boxy drums sound like they were recorded in a bedroom and the mix doesn't sit together very well. With a bit of production sparkle, some harmonies and maybe some Trent Reznor style gothic ambience this would be an amazing song, as it is it's just a good demo.