Alternative used to mean a change from the norm. Not any more, it seems.

As long as the world remains full of depressed, angry and troublesome teenagers, there is always going to be a market for bands that plug in and chug their guitars whilst their singer bellows his pain and allows the listener to emphasise that their life just isn't right.

Whether these bands actually have any emotion to what their doing can at times be hard to work out and this is where we find Dropping Daylight and their 'Take A Photograph' EP.

Its funny how false the term alternative has become, as on this showing it now indicates a similarity to Nickelback and Papa Roach. With a growling bass throughout the tracks but just enough tinkling piano to lighten the tone and create a more commercial sound, it's hard to find any soul or enjoyment in these songs. The lead track has vocals firing in at different levels of the mix but there is little interplay and even after repeated listens, the singer could be quoting from the telephone book as opposed to pouring his heart out to the world.

Third track 'Lucy' is more of a jaunty effort with a step-along rhythm segueing into another flat-footed chorus that fails to build on the different style hinted at. That said, it does involve the phrase "cop a feel" which is surely the dream of every fan who would like this type of act.

The final song of the EP returns to the sound and mindset of the first songs and by the end of the EP, the sensation is quite akin to eating a Big Mac. You know you have just listened to music but it's hard to recollect a single thing about it. At least the ep doesn't have the gherkins to worry about.

Its just dull and all been done so many times before, and done better. If theres a gap in your life where some angry rock music is going to cheer you up, then this may be a decent purchase for you.

However, there is more enjoyment to be found in the new single by Girls Aloud, which will at least put a smile on your face and save you from listening to turgid rock that would only depress a person more.