Simply put, another great Franz song.

You've heard Franz Ferdinand's new single, it's the one the radio plays when they are not playing that Madonna and Abba thing and you probably quite like it, but you maybe don't know why.

It's not the usual Franz bluster, where is the guitar riff you can sing? Where are the ambiguous sexual lyrics and where is the feeling it should be installed as the new Scottish national anthem? It's a brand new type of Franz single and it highlights the band's transformation from indie heroes to full on mainstream mainstays.

'Walk Away', like all good December releases features acoustic guitars, a chorus to die for and the perfect mix of optimism and lovelorn in the lyrics to make the listener croon along at every stage. The backing vocals hark back to classic 60's pop as does the jingle jangle of the verse's riff. With mascara bleeding into his eyes (okay, they did slip in an ambiguous gender lyric) Alex Kapranos and the boys have given us all-another song to soundtrack another failed relationship and make us all fall in love with the smartly dressed charmers all over again.

And if that's not enough reasons for this to be stuffed into your stocking, the B-sides feature some other wonders. The cover of Air's 'Sexy Boy' is a mess but an endearing one, so much so that it's almost as if Arab Strab snuck into the studio and knocked this one out for the lads. It's worth hearing for Alex's sneering vocals and that bass-line, just maybe not more than three or four times. And the acoustic version of 'The Fallen', a track the lucky Americans are getting for their next single, is exactly as you would imagine, a lighter version of the albums kicking opening track.

It won't nab Domino Records their second number one of the year but it should further endear Franz Ferdinand to all and ensure the sales of stripey scarves and jumpers rocket this winter.