getAmped - token xmas song

'Token Christmas Song' is as much that by nature as it is by name, as it's far from the stereotype of the glorified nursery rhyme with slay bells that often gets churned out in December. It's one of those that could be listened too all year round and in sound the only connection to Christmas is that it's intention is for people to have fun.

On the face of it, this is just another one of those skater rock by numbers tracks. Think Blink 182 or Less Than Jake and you're not too far wide of the mark. However there is something about this song which is more appealing than the run of the mill stuff that gets lumped into that bracket most of which I'm struggling to remember as I write this now!

This track is fast, catchy and perfectly harmless, while not being the most amazing song you've ever heard, it is understandable why they're being tipped for bigger and better things in 2006.

This track has been available as a free download via the band's website, and is taken from their forth coming album 'Postcards From Hell'. OK so getAmped are unlikely to change the face of rock for good, but there's no reason why they can't be the backbone to a good night out.