Colder - To The Music

Sparse, trendy and minimal are all words you could use to describe Colder's single 'To The Music'. This is a track designed to be played in an ultra high fashion London backstreet club where dancing has been outlawed in favour of posing with an exorbitantly priced drink and a cigarette. If you don't like this, you're obviously not cool enough. Sadly I'm not very cool. I can see through the relentlessly looped bass riff, which tears through the subwoofer and the infuriatingly rigid drum loop. I say drum loop, not drum loops, as there is only one. Please, give me hi-hats... or even a lone cymbal somewhere. Salvation comes in the form of an understated synth melody that saves you from jumping out of the window just at the right moment.

Closer have made this single even more chic by having some French guy (or perhaps an English guy in expensive clothes putting on a ridiculous accent) repeat a phrase about dancing to the music over and over again. Except you can't dance to this, you wouldn't want to break into a sweat and mess up your hairdo.