Black Wire - Attack Attack Attack

To celebrate their first American tour and impending European tour Black Wire have released a completely free internet only single 'Attack Attack'. The song is a live recording so don't get too excited, although artwork and a video are included too which is a very nice touch.

This release is obviously intended for dedicated fans of the band as it's only available on the band's own website. In this respect it should go down well. The live atmosphere of the gig has been captured in the recording and you can hear the audience singing along at points. The band are obviously accomplished musicians and know the song well, vocals are in tune (well, shouted around the right key) and at a good level, although sometimes illegible. The song itself is annoying though and the guitar solo is just plain dull. The chorus (Attack repeated over and over) does in fact make you want to attack things, most of all the band. But then this single isn't for you or I, it's for the fans, and they'll love it.