A very impressive start

In the space of a handful of shows last year, Karmakops were not only signed, but became the talk of the 'In The City' music conference in Manchester, and supported the Stereophonics in front of a crowd of several thousand. It's hardly surprising therefore that this band are being tipped for great things in 2006.

After a quiet few seconds, 'Creatures' crashes in with a classic rock power, relenting for the verses, but building for the catchy, instantly likable, radio friendly chorus.

Having said this, there is a classic feel to this, a contemporary comparison to 'Creatures' is the focused pop approach of Ash or Feeder, retaining a heavy rock edge but irresistibly hummable at the same time. The classic sound is restored with a sawing guitar solo towards the end, they just don't seem to make 'em like they used to!

It's the fault of the quality of 'Creatures', that 'Come Back to Me' and bonus track 'Space Kid' don't seem to have the edge. The former has a Franz Ferdinand style garage rock intro and guitar riff, and the blend of this and the eighties style vocals and guitar solo )keep it up guys you'll go far with that!) makes it an interesting song which has "grower" stamped all over it.

'Space Kid' is a softer, acoustic based song, which gives us an indication that there is certainly a variety to this band, with all three songs offering a different perspective on what Karmakops do with their music.

This CD gets its high rating on the strength of the lead song, a track which will hopefully get the wider attention which it deserves.