The clock is ticking away to reveal an intensely epic single.

Exploding into an immensely epic and atmospheric wave of sound, Lacuna Coil's new single 'Our Truth' rewrites and refines the shining elements of their classic style into a colourful display of gothic perfection. The anticipation for their new release 'Karmacode' which is due in April is unmeasured and if 'Our Truth' is anything to go on, then fans will be simply blown away by a work that will excel the exquisite sound of 'Comalies' tenfold.

Beginning on an ethereal string modal introduction that brings a slightly dark and oriental influence to the mood, the track soon kicks into its beautiful tightly woven guitar riffs that kick life into the feel of the track, lending air to the supple wings of the stunning vocals of Cristina Scabbia. The introduction showcases the supple movements of her vocal talents as she works along a scale weaving in and out of the challenging demands of the electric guitars. Cristina's vocals are a thing of unmeasured beauty, oozing ultimate sex appeal as her sensuous Italian accent scents her perfect diction with romanticism while she smoothly soars from note to note without breakage or hesitation. Her vocals caress the music like velvet on skin, softening and feminising the melodies while still showcasing a perfect display of the strength and power needed to make gothic metal truly special. Cristina has one of those special voices that are both seductive and challenging at the same time, perfectly able to stand on it's own "a cappella" but suited comfortably and indeed better displays, interweaving between the symphonic melodies of the music she works within.

The sound of the track itself displays the level of refinement Lacuna Coil's sound has seen since the previous release of 'Comalies' in 2002, the sound is much more solemn and beautiful, embellished and artistic while still retaining all the elements that have made Lacuna Coil truly special: stunning vocals, dreamy melodies and powerful, challenging guitars. The vocals on this track are also dominantly Cristina's which has been a refreshing change upon the work of previous albums wherein Andrea Ferro would take lead and Cristina's vocals would simply provide a haunting, resonating background accompaniment. It gives the music a completely different perspective and the mood itself becomes much more hypnotic and ethereal, Andrea providing a haunting echo to the ghostly movements of Cristina's melodic vocals. The guitars and bass work in a perfectly synchronised fashion to create a racy and adrenaline filled artistically driven wave of sound, crashing upon the shores of your conscious mind like a tsunami of creative inspiration. Combined with the almost Egyptian feel of the keyboard synth backdrop, the guitars almost seem to soar in immense musical splendour and provide the familiar yet refreshed and renewed frame of Lacuna Coil's stunning sound.

If the sound of 'Our Truth' and karma has anything to do with Lacuna Coil's success then we can be sure that 'Karmacode' will be a credit to the years and aggressive touring and studio work that they have undertaken in order to rise to a standard above all others. Lacuna Coil are resilient and mature musicians with a sense of romanticism and creativity and 'Our Truth' is a stunning testament to this fact.