Hearing is Believing

One person's raw and unpredictable is another person's mess, depending on which side of that fence you find yourself on will greatly effect the likelihood of you enjoying this track. That said regardless of whether or not it is your thing, you'd find it hard to argue that this is not a very intreaguing record.

'War' thrashes and crashes around like a distressed sea creature. It has a backbone of tribal drumming which dominates throughout. If this wasn't odd enough the track is lead by irregular squeals supported by equally unusual backing vocals, making it a song which is quite difficult to describe.

The other striking part about this is how the pace seems to change without warning, and when you least expect it to, meaning it is a track which has you on your guard at all times.

'War' is not an immediate track by any stretch of the imagination, but is one which should fire up your curiosity as all good singles should.

You'll find 'War' as the opening track on the self-titled album from Celebration. The rest of the record is said to have a number of slower songs on it, which is certainly something which on the strength of hearing this is worth checking out, if just to see what kind of creation that is. The energy which this one track has suggests their live performances should also be something to behold.