Shake it up!

Still mourning the death of Creation Records? Anxiously waiting for that new Joy Zipper album? Why not console yourself with this sun kissed new single from The Tamborines. This band are an exotic bunch, keyboardist Lulu is half Japanese (and originally from Brazil), drummer Veronique is originally from France and the trio is completed by the Brazilian Henrz on guitar and vox. It's rather strange therefore to discover that they sound like a band raised on the Thames Valley sound that was so popular in 1991. "What Took You So Long" is a fuzzy little pop number that combines the best elements of Ride with a large dollop of late sixties psych-pop. They're like BRMC's more laid-back happy go lucky cousins and based on the fact that they can toss away gems like "The Great Division" as an extra track here you'd be well advised to go and check them out with some haste.