Fascinating Eerie Rock

The Open's 'La Lumiere' EP is a stark contrast to the often simply produced EPs that we receive here; the sound is clean and has enough depth to drown you and the tracks are compulsive listens, this all bodes very well for the band's upcoming tour.

'We Can Never Say Goodbye' opens by plunging you into a luminous, shimmering guitar sound, which soon steps up with twinkling keyboards, charismatic vocals and wonderful use of sound effects. The chorus is gripping and the tune manages to blend a bright indie style with some more dramatic effects.

Instrumental 'The Box' has rippling keyboards that seep with tentative melancholy into your brain while 'I Call You' is a theatrical thriller full of edgy rage and fierce vocals. The chorus is superb; guitars and keyboards loom with malicious menace while the percussion beats out an impassioned march. 'Mirror' chimes similar impending doom with an eerie introduction and builds to a buzzing peak.

The Open are one of the most creative bands of the year, with great use of instruments to build vivid aural landscapes and tunes that deviate from the traditional framework as much as possible. This is definitely an intriguing band who we should be watching out for.