Stop in the name of love!

The continued success of Liverpool's The Zutons leaves this writer a) feeling incredibly perplexed and b) on the verge of jacking in this writing malarkey for a lucrative side-line career in knocking out sub-Coral B-sides to the hordes at the Brixton Academy.

"Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?" the first cut to be taken from "eagerly" anticipated (by who?) new album "Tired Of Hanging Around" is a rather slick slice of old-school R&B pop of the sixties variety but with added sax parping. Alas the lack of a decent chorus severely hampers my ability to recall this tune which is most definitely not a good sign. No doubt this incredibly mediocre single will propel the band to further success and endear them ever more to those who enjoyed their debut album but such derivative nonsense doesn't cut the mustard with this reviewer. The question in the song title may be rhetorical but for the record "I won't be giving you my love (The) Zutons as you just haven't earned it yet baby!".