Gentle giants

Clayhill's new single 'Halfway Across' is a cross between Jack Johnson and Bob Dylan with its mellow folk influences on Gavin Clark's vocals. It's a laid back tune for a dizzy summertime sunbathe, whilst a gentle breeze caresses your near naked body. It's inoffensive, and doesn't require much attention, however whether you would want an album full of these lazy snippets is a wonder and my only concern.

'Halfway Across' has a gentle drum beat and a simple acoustic guitar loop with keyboards that give a sound likened to that of The Eels. Highly esteemed paper The Independent describes them as 'twisted soul folk', though on this single I fail to see anything twisted about them, and it would be hard to imagine this London 3-piece doing anything but give love and have pure thoughts.

Clayhill are good at this mellow sound and after hearing this half a dozen times, you can tell that there is a depth to the lyrics and music that is not noticed in the first instance. Currently touring with Gomez, Clayhill could be something a little special, but just don't expect any songs to smash up your room with teenage angst too!