Guilty Pleasures!

From educating us that their major musical influence was 'the old Grange Hill theme', London trio The Bridge Gang have tapped into the vein of the British music of the moment, and whether intentionally or unintentionally, are waxing their music boards to go surfing on the shirt tails of Arctic Monkeys like Kelly Slater on an Hawaiian wall of death wave.

'Pangs Of Guilt' starts off with a simple melodic guitar riff which is joined by Brett's thumping drums. The vocals pound in with a rough-edge integrity that has you nodding in agreement and believing every word Jose spits out in a Davy MacManus delivery, as he boasts, "I've never made a straight girl much wetter, than any-body...!" Which isn't a bad thing from a guy who apparently would rather listen to Girls Aloud than Babyshambles - but then I think we all would, right?

B-side 'Neutrino' is slightly faster and heavier and it's with a forehead-slapping realisation that there is an undercurrent of The Pixies here, along with a hint of Detroit garage rock. With Lucy's back up vocals that are as sugary as Jose's harsh but musical rants, added to Brett's beating of the skins with more gusto than a teenage tantrum, there is enough of the magic formula here to shoot these three out to the world like jet-propelled jism. Hold on to your hats, 'cause Hackney's heroes could well be hailed as 'the next big thing'...