Takota - The Ivory Tower

Rock riffs with ska inspired beats create an interesting combination of classic rock n' roll sounds with a slightly modern twist for this debut album from Orange County's Takota.

After coming together when various bands broke up this motley crew of musicians including former Reel Big Fish drummer Justin Ferreria have brought together a collection of tracks that pretty much from start to finish hold up a frenetic pace that keeps the head bobbing and your shoulders itching to dance.

Launching straight in with opening song and title track 'The Ivory Tower' they instantly burrow into your consciousness and force your attention with their crashing drums and punk rock enthusiasm. They know how to get your pulse racing it seems even if their style is ultimately pretty generic.

Stand out track is the beautiful skin tingling 'Diary' which feels delicate and melodic and provides a break from the general poppy style of the majority of other opening tracks. It is also the turning point of the album where they take a turn into a more serious rocky outfit something akin to Tool and Straylight Run in places.

Generally 'The Ivory Tower' is a pretty standard album which won't be blazing any trails of originality but the interesting mix of good ska-punk fun and huge rock sound does work well together. It's not overwhelmingly classic music but you could do a hell of a lot worse than checking this release out.