Compulsive Racing Melodies

As an unsigned band, Sevendaystory are hoping to gain some recognition with this EP and 'Fade To Strangers' certainly doesn't sound all that unrecognisable or estranged; it has the confident stylings of many of today's nu-metal creations. For an unsigned band the sound is especially tight, with the guitar sound and drums bursting through your speakers in unison and the strained vocals building a lethal melody.

Opening track 'Incense and Cigarette Burns' has a poisonous intro that collides chugging guitars with infernal drum beats and snarling guitar work before the vocals explode like snakes from a shaken basket. 'Shut Up' is more melodic, twisting its musing vocals around rhythmic guitar chords and a smashing chorus. The last number, 'A Far Cry From Next July' is a catchy number in the same vein, with dark lyrics like, "Our silver skied romance rests beneath the stars as we say goodnight".

'Fade To Strangers' is a very well put-together collection of anthemic, razor-edged tracks, which will certainly appeal to the nu-metal generation, although they currently offer little in terms of news ideas.