NO! Tinnitus!

The best and most encouraging thing that I can start off by saying is that Shooting At Unarmed Men is nothing quite like I've heard before. They may well find it hard to be pigeon-holed with a sound that is quite frankly flashes of the worst parts of bands that I don't like!

First song 'Pathos Ate Bathos' starts off slowly with a nice bass line and drum beat, after nearly a minute the guitar comes in and then another thirty seconds we have the vocals which sound a little too screeching for my liking. The song gets repetitive all too quickly, and we still have to listen for just over four minutes. 'A Horse By Day Is A Horse By Night' once again has a promising start with fast drumming and feverous guitars, however there is at times too much symbol work on the drums, and the vocals have a haphazard quality like that of Artic Monkeys, but minus the tunefulness. Jon Chapple rants, "Mama's little soldiers come marching home!" which may have a message if I can really be bothered to listen anymore.

'Never Follow Me Again' sparks up a revolution with it being a fairly decent song, even if halfway through it just goes, well, weird. 'All Hail Sergio' may only be liked by lovers of the aforementioned Artic Monkeys, and prove that even if you mention Clint Eastwood, it doesn't make your song any cooler! New single 'Girls Music' is probably a good choice as a single as it is virtually the only song that has any credibility, and the fact that this is possibly one of the simplest songs here, may tell you what they are best at. The music surrounds a thick bass line, with a strong back beat, monotone vocals all wrapped up together with a thin thread that feels like it may break and the whole thing could fall apart at any moment.

For the sake of the UN and the people that it helps, Shooting At Unarmed Men, should forget that someone ever came up with their song, 'I Am United Nations'. The best thing that I can say about the slow, slow plod that is 'Put Yourself On The Proverbial' is that Jon's vocals are a little like Damian Alban, but the song is so slow that it is in danger of going backwards...

Both two minute blasts of amateur mishmashes of music that make up both 'I Cry For No Man', and 'Get On Out And Come Right In' are a waste of time and effort on everyone's part, the latter has an awful beginning whereby the beat of the drums and the guitars/keyboards aren't even in time together.

Now the funniest, or indeed the most bizarre thing about this album is that after the slow plod of the last song we have what we think is a hidden song, which is a bad thing in itself, however when you realise that there is another forty minutes left to run then I'm wondering whether I can go on with my life any longer! However what we have is the whole album again! Someone must be have a laugh with me! If it wasn't Bad enough the first time around, then I have to endure it a second time without the ability of skipping tracks!

I gather that the name Shooting At Unarmed Men must be reference to all of the other bands in the world, as only by doing this will they give themselves even the slightest hope of ever becoming a band that people may like. Avoid this like our Eurovision song entry...