Born Stadium Rock

With the World Cup fast approaching, when a CD turns up called 'New England', if it isn't a Billy Bragg cover, then surely this must be football related? In fact the only direct connection to the beautiful game is the location where it was recorded.

Band member Patrick was working at Fulham FC at the time, creating their website and programme, and managed to smuggle the rest of the band into an executive box at Craven Cottage after most had gone home. There a temporary studio was built and Van Tramp set to work on their debut album, to my knowledge the first non-concert album to be recorded in a football ground.

'New England' is a rock song with that anthemnic eighties feel to it, if you like Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams then there's every chance you'll like this. The part which really stands out is the crisp and catchy guitar rift, that opens and closes this single. The tune itself however may well be a grower but it will take a number of listens to really get stuck in your head.

Although the tune isn't much to write home about, lead singer Tim's vocals are certainly powerful, and is a main contributor to the air of eighties stadium rock which this song has. He is currently performing the lead role for a short-term period in Rent on Broadway so clearly his talents have been recognized outside of the rock world.