A par start

'Under The Sun' is the debut single from Exeter band Thousand Natural Shocks.

The music scene in Exeter is said to be a strong one, and centers around a venue called the Cavern, the likes of Muse and Thom Yorke have both been regulars there in the early part of their careers.

The sound of Thousand Natural Shocks has been crafted in a Dartmoor barn, and takes a number of influences and aspects of different styles. It is possible to spot the sounds of New Wave and Franz Ferdinand-like Art Rock when listening to their music.

Also evident is an energetic edge such as you might find in punk, and an under current of funk runs through their work giving it a bounciness similar to bands like Bloc Party and the Automatic.

The most interesting part of 'Under the Sun' is towards the end, where the track moves away from the band's usual style, the pace and vocals are dropped, and we get the chance to appreciate the guitar playing which is one of the strengths in this band.

Although this is a perfectly enjoyable single, it suffers from sounding a bit too familiar and doesn't seem to bring anything new or especially exciting to an alternative scene which is becoming a touch saturated.