Crowd Rocker Alert

New York alternative rockers Radio 4 return with a single that has live anthem plastered all over it in big black letters. From the moment the frenetic drumming starts, closely followed by a fast and furious guitar rift, it's clear this band mean business.

This is a track which merges the New York garage rock sound with classic British Alternative guitar music, and for that reason it isn't exactly new or radical. The vocals have a classic early nineties British indy feel to them, reminiscent of Jim Bob from Carter USM but without the same aggression. However what this track lacks in innovation, it certainly makes up for in it's raw energy.

The chorus hooks and guitar rifts aren't especially creative but somehow it doesn't seem to matter as in this case, the direct in ya face approach makes this a perfectly enjoyable single, and one which I can imagine will go down a storm when they play it live.

'Enemies Like This' is the lead single and title track from the band's new album which is out now. It will be interesting to hear what the rest of the album is like as too much of this style of simple but effective rock might start to loose it's appeal.