An Average Superhero

Sam Duckworth is causing quite a stir with his fresh, passionate and kooky tunes building one man, a guitar and a laptop into the urban legend that is Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. He even managed to impress the hardrock fans at Download - quite a superhuman feat!

'I-Spy' is a lilting pop song brimming with mystery and melodies that hit you hard. The twinkling piano samples drive the tune with a drum n'bass insistence while the emo chorus echoes add some rock credibility to Duckworth's charismatic number.

'Call Me Ishmael' is more of a traditional indie tune with a flowing acoustic guitar rippling under the chirpy vocals and brass samples. "You are not your job and you are not the clothes you wear/ You are the words that leave your mouth", speaks our hero wisely, but then the rhythm changes and whips up a jazzy frenzy before you get too bogged down in the details. Another shimmering, bright tune from the young genius.