Kings of Crossover

Crazy Finnish metal rockers Waltari release their new album "Blood Sample" being a band who like to defy stereotypes, they out do themselves on this album by mixing punk, metal, funk, industrial, techno and even hip-hop to create a 79 minute adventure. The vocal range on "Blood Sample" is also impressive, they cover everything from clean vocals to grunts to screams to name but a few; it is refreshing to hear a vocalist who can use their voice in so many ways.

"Helsinki" is the perfect example of how they like to shake things up; a song that is typically a metal track is mixed with techno-style percussion and an Arabian sounding melody. The rock tune 'Not Enough', sounds like a totally different band and this just sums up "Blood Sample"; most songs have their own character and display immense talent and musicianship. Waltari's lyrics cover personal feelings, including anxiety, loneliness and the cruelty of the world, often with irony and heavy sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

To be honest I don't think anything I write will do this band justice; you will just have to listen for yourself, and if like me you haven't heard of them before, you will be disappointed that you didn't discover them sooner.

In short Waltari's nonconforming approach makes for an entertaining and revitalising listen, and "Blood Sample" is well worth buying, as they really are the kings of crossover.