More sweeping majesty from Sigur Ros

As interest in Sigur Ros continues to grow at an exponential rate thanks to the increasing TV exposure of 'Hoppípolla', Sigur Ros release 'Saeglopur' as a new single but thoughtfully include 3 new tracks for those fans who have been around for a while.

Taken from 'Takk', the lead track showcases the standard Sigur Ros at its most plaintive and quiet-side. Those who were turned on by Hoppipollas bombastic sections may find this single not enough to maintain their interest but there are still enough crashing emphatic moments to hold the interest.

Yet again, the vocals of Jon Birgisson take centre stage as they soar and swoop alongside the building guitars and rushing strings and the other worldly affect places Sigur Ros in a field of their own at the moment.

The remaining tracks are all of a slow building quality and whilst lacking in the stark and recognisable vocal performances, they have their own quiet charm and no doubt would be suitable for many more TV and film soundtracks. 'O Fridur' strolls along with vocals kicking in near the conclusion of the track and barring the language barrier is more akin to what would be viewed as a conventional track, certainly for Sigur Ros.

With there being a DVD element of the single as well, the videos of the band help combine a unified vision and assist the listener in grasping the ideas of Sigur Ros. The live shows of the tour have been a joy to behold, and whilst its not possible for everyone to come and see the shows, its important for bands like Sigur Ros to utilise as many mediums as possible to convey their message.

Sigur Ros wont be everyone and no doubt the cries of "sellouts" or "pretentious" will be heard from some quarters but the quality and invention is still present with every further release.