We insistor you listen to this.

With Tapes N Tapes having blasted the UK back in May and copies of their album being available at the shows, some of the country has already cottoned onto their infectious yet paranoid brand of American indie. 'Insistor' allows everyone to catch up and is a good representation of the forthcoming album.

The song is a jaggy and wiry effort that is sure to receive multiple plays in your local indie dance emporium such is the jerky dance quality of the rhythm.

With a quiet breakdown perfectly suited for a breather before building to a climatic finish, the tracks fits a perfect formula. The vocals merely add to the frenetic and hurried feel of the song.

B-Side 'Crazy Eights' is a loose and slightly sloppy song, always destined for no more than a B-Side. It slopes by without offence but you wont mind too much as you'll find yourself flicking back to the lead track quickly.

Yes, Tapes N Tapes have received a heap of hype in the UK press so far but there is some justification to this, get on board for one of summers catchiest yet infuriating indie singles.