Another magic re-release from Captain Beefheart.

When contemplating Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band, there are many words and adjectives that spring to mind. Depending on your take on their sound and performances, these can range from maverick genius to hyped up loon but for all of the immediate thoughts that spring to mind, romance, sex and funkiness are not the most thought of remarks.

It's with some great shock that the downright sleaziness and up for it-ness of 'Unconditionally Guaranteed' seems a constant throughout the album, bleeding into every track, vocal and instrument on the album.

With 'Sugar Bowl' borrowing the old blues standard of using fanciful metaphors for some sexual experimentation, the song is an absolute delight and joy as the slide guitar works out in the background and the Captain upfront smirks and prowls, no doubt enjoying the looseness of The Magic Band as much as any listener.

At the time of release, 'Unconditionally Guaranteed' was a serious attempt by Captain Beefheart to become a serious commercial artist and finally make some money for himself. Perhaps this resulted in the vocals and lyrical feel taking on topics that would appeal across the board but for all that it failed to make the act a worldwide name; its quality and accessibility still stands to this day.

'Magic Be' swoons and shines like never before with the weirdness toned down to near nothing, with the guitars chiming and ringing in the background but the warmth of Vilet's vocals remain and even though the song is a diversion, it's still 100% Beefheart. It has to be remembered that the communication networks back in the early 1970s weren't as sophisticated as today and it was harder for artists to get their songs across. If Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band were starting out on myspace today, tracks like these would have them with a worldwide following in days and money problems would be of no concern.

Today's current trend of having guitar tracks that you can dance to would suit the guitar and bass lines, which are of the stuttery and spacial sound so favoured by so many of today's acts. 'Full Moon, Hot Sun' with its rhythmic swagger and harmonica embellishes is one such song and again, is an absolute joy to hear.

With the horn section putting on a vibrant showing, peppering many tracks and blasting out squalor, there is so much on this record to get lost in and although it's not one of the albums that tops the critics' favourite Magic Band albums; 'Unconditionally Guaranteed' is the sound of a man and his band pushing themselves onwards in an attempt to marrying their trademark sound with the needs of a commercial market. It's a fascinating record well worth checking out.