Cheerfully Optimistic Slice Of Pure Pop Brilliance

Finally from amidst the deluge of mirror image indie groups comes a band that are prepared to stand out from the pack, who aren't afraid to, god forbid, put their music before the latest fashion trends and actually make a fun filled track that could even charm a smile onto the faces of the emo brigade. It would seem these four XTC loving scallywags have done the unimaginable and allowed pop to seep into their guitar fuelled creation, turning 'Standing Next To Rose' into a cheerfully optimistic slice of pure pop brilliance.

Brimming with exuberance, 'Standing Next To Rose' throws every known pop ingredient into the mix. Hand claps playfully mingle with catchy guitar hooks whilst female chants hold their own with the indie rock ethos of the track. It's rock with a nod to pop and what's more it's increasingly charming and ridiculously addictive. Forget everything you've been told, pop and indie can go hand in hand, a skill NeatPeople appear to have mastered to perfection, now let's see if everyone else can catch up.