Start Getting Excited

Deafening you from the start with a bombardment of feedback, Reading's The Race can't fail to make a strong impact. From this point on they simply go from strength to strength, hammering out jerky angular rhythms that fuse perfectly with passion filled vocals brimming over with youthful bravado and intensity. Juddering zealously along in a haze of urgency and intensity, 'Find Out' builds to one hell of a crescendo as the quintet throw in every ounce of energy into their blazing climax.

Youthful exuberance, angst fuelled doubt, insistently shuddering riffs, an overwhelming classy pop hook, anthemic mentality; it's all there in a Bloc Party meets The Strokes kind of way with just a hint of U2 grandeur playfully bubbling beneath the surface, melding everything flawlessly together whilst relentlessly grabbing hold of you. 'Find Out' is loud, brash and undeniably uplifting, wonderfully setting the band up for September's album release. Start getting excited now.