An Empire In The Making

Kasabian are back in style, it is as if they never went away! Two years since they released their self titled debut album 'Kasabian' comes the much anticipated follow up album. The big question will it be the next big thing or will the second album just prove to be allusive like it is to so many other artists. The quick answer to that is quite simply no; this album is going to be massive!

Everyone must have seen the video for the title track 'Empire' by now as it seems to be on every show possible even showing up on Soccer AM. Well no argument about it being a cracking rock and roll tune, with the definitive Kasabian touch.

The are so many good thumping tunes on this album it is unbelievable, there are not many 'filler' tunes on the album and those that you would consider to be 'fillers' such as 'Last Trip (In Flight)' and 'Me Plus One show off the incredible musical talents that this band possess.

Then there are some fantastic tunes banging out on this album, 'Empire' 'Shoot The Runner' and a brilliant way to close the album 'The Doberman'. Plenty of thought and tons of work has gone in to producing the new album and using Jim Abbiss (Editors, Arctic Monkeys) as producer has certainly been a plus point.

Whether this album can stand the test of time we shall see, but certainly contains all the swagger you would expect from Kasabian. This is one hell of away to remind people that Kasabian are out there playing some banging top tunes. This album is big and it is going to make them an Empire all of their own making.

Catch Kasabian this winter at an arena near you.