Celtic Indie Rock

It seems that if there's an unusual instrument used in a rock band the powers that be feel the need to advertise that and this is no different for Rhode Island based Zox who have a violin as part of their musical make up. What makes them different though is that the violin actually features quite prominently and is used well to create a Celtic indie rock sound which accentuates the vocals and sets a stellar pace which is expansive and difficult to pigeonhole. It's richly layered with influences so at certain points you can feel a Joy Division influence as well as a sense of The Smiths though with more life and also New Order though a lot less electronic.

It is a gem of a song with a little bit of lots of things to keep you interested though never feeling particularly 'out there' so as to alienate a mass audience. This is definitely one act to keep an eye on as they've got something genuinely appealing on offer.