Sugary, sticky stuff from the emo lads

There is no denying that Taking Back Sunday have been very successful - sold out tours and a gold record in the States - but on the first few listens current single 'Twenty-Twenty Surgery' still lacks a certain something their peers like Fallout Boy have. With its fairly punchy melody, quiet/loud format and almost sugary, very American vocals, it's what you'd expect from a band like these guys. What's more, the lyrics frequently make no sense - what exactly is twenty-twenty surgery anyway?

Yet, irritatingly, there is something about this song that's stickier than two-day-old jam that you've just stepped in, but I defy you not to end up whistling or humming this as you go about your daily business. In fact, tinges of classic rock seep in here and there despite the band's best attempts to be edgy and punky. No doubt it'll appeal to a certain section of Myspace users but whether it'll achieve wider appeal is hard to say.