It Kicks in Quickly and Remains There

He may have an Ivor Novello for his song writing time with Snow Patrol but Iain Archer remains upbeat and resolute at a time when his old mates seem content to ease into bland MOR. 'When it Kicks In' crackles along swiftly and manages to sound very much like Sonic Youths 'Teenage Riot.' Given that 'Teenage Riot' is this writers favourite SY song, which can only be described as a very good thing, and the chorus, although repetitive, pounds away at the listener with a passion.

With the opening lyrics clearly attributed to the sights and times that Archer witnessed growing up in Belfast, Archer manages to infuse the music with the same feel of panic and desperation and there is no doubt the track is living on its nerves as it whistles by and the vocals have a pleading edge to them.

The B-side may be a slower and slighter song but offers a brief respite before you feel compelled to flick the cd back to the start and listen to the lead track all over again; such is its infectious nature.

A single that stands up for itself and isn't afraid to be counted is a blessing in this modern age and has a fire in its belly which was extinguished in Snow Patrol a few years ago.