Look Past The Cover Version!

South London rockers Johnny Panic were offered the chance to re-record the Turtle's classic song 'Happy Together' to be used as backing for the Npower test cricket adverts and are releasing the track as a download and 7" limited edition single.

The song is of course just as infectious and uplifting as the original (and countless other covers) but with a slightly darker edge in the breakdown section. The band couldn't really go wrong with this song as it stays fairly faithful to the original structure and melody but with some modern production and punchy guitars. It seems a bit like an attempt to break out based on someone else's song, which is a shame as the B-side on the single is simply fantastic.

'I Live For', the B-side, is a catchy rocky epic with huge choruses and driving verses. The song far outshines the first cover track. Perhaps this is a good move on Johnny Panic's part, people will buy the single for the cover and suddenly discover a whole lot more. Highly recommended for any rock fans!