A Pop-Punk Political Thriller

I have a huge respect for Billy Talent, they took the usual 'difficult second album' conundrum and turned it on its head. Billy Talent II seems like a natural progression from their debut and even the title shows how the band have unashamedly decided 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. With a sound that is already unique amongst a crowd of pop-punk soundalike peers, Billy Talent have got it right, and they're sticking with their winning formula.

'Red Flag' is the second single from the new album and is one of the catchiest tunes on the record. The song explodes onto your stereo with a pounding drum rhythm just before the anthemic chorus hook grabs you by the throat and implants itself solidly in your brain so you'll be humming it endlessly later. Billy Talent seem to have the ability to be both uplifting and dark and edgy all at the same time. It's the kind of record that makes you want to go out and make a difference to the world. With lyrics about flag waving and the 'kids of tomorrow' there's clearly a political and social message being put across, although the interpretation is largely up to the listener.

Another great track from a band that seem to be going from strength to strength.