An Indie Grower

The Marble Index are a three piece indie rock band hailing all the way from Ontario Canada. They've been doing rather well it seems in their native land and now they're coming over here to release their debut single 'I Believe' and eponymous album.

The overall sound of the single is raw and emotional, echoing the band's philosophy of living and breathing for their music. The first track kicks off with a groovy punk guitar which reminds me of the Living End, and when the vocals and bass kick in we're again reminded of the Australian punkers. However, not for long! The Marble Index came all the way across the Atlantic to Wigan just to record their album and we see why. The UK indie sound soon becomes apparent as the songs progress. Front man Brad Germain's vocals are somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and Muse, but not really achieving the character of either unfortunately. There is passion and depth there, but sometimes it seems a little whiney and over the top, leaving most of the lyrics fairly unintelligible.

On the whole though this looks like a promising start for the Canadians, the second track Lost Cause being quite strong. I think perhaps this is more of a grower than an instant hit though!