Classic rock 'n' roll.

The Answer have produced a single so steeped in old school rock 'n' roll it sounds like it's a forgotten lost classic suddenly rediscovered. They hover somewhere between hair metal and Led Zeppelin; sure it's cheesy, with guitar solos aplenty and screechy 80s style vocals, but their tunes have so much groove in their fast paced guitar work and the vocals are so powerful and husky that you can't help but move to each and every note.

'Under the Sky' is full of heavy riffs but manages to stay on the radio friendly side of rock with its catchy hooks throbbing bass lines and melody. 'The Doctor' has a sexy bluesy guitar sound and 'I Won't Let You Down' races along with another killer tune; it's classic rock through and through. It's not often you hear retro sounding rock 'n' roll done with such style and conviction. Definitely ones to watch out for.