A Stellar Second Album

It's been impossible to avoid news of Scissor Sisters latest album; this is one band who are only too happy to chat about the 'birth' of their second baby, a somewhat predictable but equally diva-esque younger sister to their eponymous debut.

Luckily there are no teething troubles with first track, and single, 'Don't Feel Like Dancin' kicking off with a retro disco beat met with space-age synths sounds.'She's My Man' is a vamped up dancefloor filler with plenty of theatrical angst and a blazing riff that fuels a soaring guitar solo that makes you gasp with its intensity.

'I Can't Decide' wins for the most annoying, fluctuating piano tune, which sounds like the frantic soundtrack to a silent movie and detracts from the vocals and earnest lyrics, "It's a bitch convincing people to like you"; on this evidence Scissor Sisters haven't lost their knack and become merely crowd-pleasers, whether or not this makes slightly frustrating tunes like this one, is a by-product. There are also some letdowns in the form of 'Land Of A Thousand Words', which is a down tempo number rather too similar to 'Return To Oz' from the band's debut. 'Intermission' also sounds like a twee Disney pseudo-angst number and could easily be skipped.

'Lights' provides a hot jazz kiss with a gorgeous vocal harmony forming the basis of a lush chorus with enough funky guitar licks and brass accents to fill a West End show. 'Kiss You Off' is an electric dance floor filler that's simply the most irresistible piece of glam pop to hit the mainstream for years.

There's the expected number of pop songs brightened up with electronic sparkles and falsetto vocals, 'Paul McCartney' is a party tune with plenty of life in it, but a lack of real star factor. 'The Other Side' has a slightly darker twist, sounding a little like Duran Duran in a black mood, its 80's keyboards and floating tune is a refreshing break from indie guitar chart dominance though.

A lot of the tunes don't sound as inventive the second time round, but they live up to expectations of a band that could have been no more than a one trick pony when they first emerged with their sleazy electro pop. Thankfully with some fantastic genre-defying tunes that are dowsed in glamorous cool and rock chic, Scissor Sisters second album is one that they can certainly be proud of and build some even more extravagant performances around.