A Sorry Letdown

Unfortunately there is only so much that slick production and a signing to Welsh label of great repute Mighty Atom can do for a shoddy band. Yes this single sounds polished, but the guitars in places are just plain badly played, the snare drum sounds like a dustbin being hit by a branch and the guitar solos are simply awful.

It's not often I'd say that about a record, usually there is some musical merit in there somewhere, but this is just garbage. The songs are dull, lifeless and don't really go anywhere; I've seen better bands playing in my local pub. In fact I'd recommend you go down the road and listen outside that annoying neighbor's garage with the drum kit for about twelve minutes rather than listen to this CD.

The only plus point is the video on the CD, I nearly skipped over it but it's worth watching for some comedy value. It actually makes the track sound quite good if only to distract you from the incredible oddness of the video itself. Go watch it... I dare you.