A Competent Songwriter

There's a deeper depth to his voice that would suggest something special, whatever it is... In this quick collection of little acoustic ditties Ben Taylor demonstrates himself to be a very competent song-maker, who, in any open-mic, would go down an absolute treat, no doubt about it.

The live recordings are practically without fault, and it's a good introduction to this man's prowess, it even indeed sounds very saleable, nonetheless, the grooves and vibes sliding off the likes of 'Digest' could steal the heart away from any young girl, wave it in the face of Jack Johnson, and sneer, 'it's mine now, you saturated fart, haha.' Deservingly too.

Then there's the cover of Macy Gray's 'I Try' and it's much more listenable than the original, adding a little appreciative cooling-off to the rather over-energized single release that populated the charts for an age and a half. Good stuff...