Epic indie noise.

The Race create a shimmering wall of smoothly produced soft noise that floats around you but quietly invades your head with its fuzzy feedback and sing-along choruses. Their tunes are cute, jangly, danceable and anthemic, in parts like and unlike My Bloody Valentine, The Cure and Arcade Fire; everything that an indie band should be, without the shoe-gazing.

'When It Falls' 'Swing' and especially 'Eye Spy' all have twinkly little tunes that are in fact deceptively catchy. Using glockenspiel and handclaps may make them sound twee but that's far from the truth, there is more here than you may imagine. The excellent vocals are full of passion and intensity and their crescendos of fuzzy, echoey and intense distorted guitar noise create a sound that is much bigger in scope, and has enough guts and depth to stop the tunes from being too cute. This gives The Race an edge that is epic and dreamy but uplifting at the same time.