Debut from Go Team member's side project.

Fronted by The Go Team's Silke Steidinger, Kaputt release their debut CD and download single 'Dishes'. Championed by the likes of XFM's John Kennedy, the song has a Kim Gordon meets The Breeders sound of angst-ridden female vocals with a powerful tune and plenty of memorable guitar sequences.

The slightly repetitive lyrics about a lost love leading to a mundane life of doing the dishes and listening to the neighbours having sex means the song quickly become memorable, making it instantly likeable. Whilst not covering any entirely new ground the sound is fresh enough to recommend it and catchy enough to make it irresistible, as well as quite a departure from the The Go Team's heavily varied style. Moody and memorable, Kaputt show that not all female fronted rock needs to imitate Karen O and co.