Senses Fail provide us with some new material

Senses Fail's star has certainly been rising recently, with their third album 'Still Searching' recently released and with a prestigious slot on the Taste Of Chaos tour, the band certainly have a lot to be capitalising on. And with this, their first single from their new album they might just do that.

As you'd expect, this is the typical mix of punk, emo and hardcore that Senses Fail have been mastering for their past three albums. A mixture of crashing drums and multi-layered vocals are put forward across a rather simply guitar line. It's not got much depth, and it won't be something you keep on listening to year after year, but as an essentially throw-away single to hook people into the new album this track certainly isn't too offensive on the ears.

One thing that is rather a letdown is that this single sticks to its name far too literally; there is only one track. In a world of internet piracy or legitimate downloads, offering one track that the listener might have found elsewhere anyway isn't enough to interest people in purchasing singles. Even a live track, something i'm sure they could've pulled off given their impressive track record for touring, would have been appreciated.

This single therefore might be good to give those who haven't listened to Senses Fail before, but for the actual fan there is nothing here worth getting that they won't be able to on their latest album 'Still Searching'