Get yourself into it.

"A party ain't great because the beer is free."

And just before the festive season begins, there is a public service announcement from The Rapture, and these guys know a thing or two about parties. Their debut album sound tracked so many nights across the globe as they cashed in on the cowbell phenomenon and that DFA sound. Their new album has been met with a more muted response which is surprising to these ears; it knocks the spots completely off the last one.

'Wooh! Alright-Yeah...Uh-huh' may be a song bemoaning those people who are too cool to truly get down at a party but the tune would force many a non-believer to make tracks for the dance floor.

The song doesn't venture far from The Rapture's sound and critics may suggest it's just another song from the many that could have been culled as a single but that's the beauty of it. On an album choc full of great songs, it's probably impossible to go wrong and this slice of dance-pop is more than enough to keep The Rapture in the limelight.

With its big shout-along calling out those who "drink and moan and diss" reaching out before the song has a final stab at getting the doubters and cool kids to move. For those of you wanting some fun and frolics this Christmas, you could do worse than checking out 'Pieces of the People We Love' and realising that sometimes the press lets a classic album slip on by.