Dated But Sound

80's Aussie indie pop band The Triffids get a revival here with 2 re-releases of their classic albums from Domino records. 'Calenture' is full of typically 80's booming synth extravagance, 'Kelly's Blues' is a typical example, you can almost picture the daring hairstyles and exaggerated dance moves in your mind's eye as this hungry, overdramatic ode plays to excited fans. Another dark delight is, 'Unmade Love'; a thudding percussive bass echoes through your head as David McComb's vocals take on a haunting edge, "The ground is getting harder, harder than unmade love," before the chorus releases brooding guitars. The sweeping romantic sensibilities continue in, 'Blinder By The Hour', an epic string-enthused power ballad.

On the other side, 'A Trick Of The Light' is a sweet tune that reminisces over past love with a calypso edge that could surely be the subject of many a sing-a-long, 'Hometown Farewell Kiss' takes this to what would be considered sugary heights by modern standards as the echoing vocals and "shoop shoop" backing in the chorus reveal the era so clearly.

'Jerdacuttup Man' has to include one of the most bizarre song inspirations ever, as it tells the woeful, spirited tale of a British Museum exhibit, "I'm shrivelled and I'm black and my bandage is worn".

Five b-sides are also included on the reissue, a motley collection that continue the emotional peaks of the album, whilst 'Love The Fever' manages to introduce a sly dance influence.

While 'Calenture' is a set of consistently impressive songs, the decision to re-release the material is a little curious as it can't help but betray some serious zeitgeist, however if you can get over the conspicuous effects and absorb yourself in McComb's rich stories you'll no doubt enjoy this very much.