The Race

The objective of a race is usually one objective and one objective only, and that is to finish as quickly as possible. This race is a totally different matter though, I want it to last longer and longer. A roaring anthem titled "comfort comfort" is the most recent single from a new and quite unestablished band by the name of The Race.

The single itself is about as unpredictable a race involving Paula Radcliff. It starts of so well and I was thinking to myself, "will it keep up this indescribable riot of a pace, or will it just slow down and go all...shit?" And I can assure you it is certainly not the latter.

A hurricane of a chorus that reeks the chant of "Comfort comfort" will ring through the bell tower of your mind and the colossal of noise that surrounds the vocals keeps in incendiary flame alight. There are elements of Maccabee's in "Comfort comfort" and also in the just-as-good B-side, "Elderly people." Both songs speed along to quickly for my liking as I am left longing for more of the clap your hands say yeah! type screams in the background of each song as the playground noise of the kazoo rattles on.

I have had this single sitting on my shelf for ages, and in my arrogant laziness I just seemed to avoid reviewing this unknown band, but unknowing to me, there was a single and a band waiting on my shelf to be released into my music collection. I now love The Race and I am off to check all the other singles I have been ignoring...